Cogent Cog FAQ

When will distributions start?
on July 1st, 15% of the funds in the Cogent Crypto Validator identity account Will be paid out over 30 days to kick off Cogent Cog staking.
How will future distributions work?
After the initial distribution all validator rewards, commission, MEV, and block rewards will be paid out over a period of an hour at epoch boundaries. If a cog is not staked at this time it will not earn the rewards for that epoch.
What happens if I stake my cogs and forget to claim?
Once the SOL from the validator rewards are placed into the staking mechanism Cogent Crypto cannot access those funds only Cogs that were staked at the time of distribution can claim and there is not a time limit or expiration
When will Cogent start charging commission?
We think there's still room for a lot of growth at Cogent Crypto and are hesitant to charge commission while we are still growing rapidly. It's possible that MEV and block rewards will be out weigh commission rewards and if they are sufficiently high we may never charge commission. In the event we make it in super minority, the smallest group of validators whos combined staked equals 33% of the total stake in the network, we will consider charging commission regardless of the amount of MEV and block rewards.
How much will the Cogs earn?
At this point its very speculative. It heavily depends on the amount of MEV and block rewards the future holds. A reasonable base case is to checkout out our Validator Profit Calculator and take our current values with a 5% commission and multiply the value by .01% (.0001) for each cog.
Where can I ask more Questions?
Join our discord and ask any question that comes to mind. We have a very helpful and education oriented community that would be happy to answer any and all questions.